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Your West Omaha Chiropractor Welcomes You!

Kunz Chiropractic Puts Patients First

At Kunz Chiropractic, our goal is to help our Omaha chiropractic patients create improved health
and overall wellness. If you are experiencing headaches, back pain, or allergies, you’ve come to
the right place. Rather than simply treating symptoms, we locate the underlying causes of your
health problems so that we can address them at the source.

Staying Healthy for a Lifetime

Dr. Curt Kunz says, “I take the time to really listen to my patients. Our practice is warm and
professional, and I am as excited to help you as I am my own family. My goal is to be the
chiropractor in Omaha that people trust with their health for a lifetime.”

At Kunz Chiropractic, we believe that when patients understand the causes of their health
problems, they are better equipped to aid in their own recovery. And then they’re motivated
to make lifestyle changes to stay healthy for the long haul! Please give our office a call today
to get started on your path to true health and wellness.

Dr. Curt Kunz, Chiropractor West Omaha

Providing quality chiropractic care for West Omaha and Omaha families!