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What to Expect at Kunz Chiropractic

Your First Visit to our West Omaha Chiropractic Office

On your first visit to the office you can expect to be greeted in a friendly way and be fully relaxed. There is a short health history to complete before your consultation with the doctor.

Thorough Examination

Visit-Kunz-Chiropractic-in-OmahaIf Dr. Kunz determines that further testing needs to be done there are a few short comfortable tests designed to give the doctor information about the function of your body.

Also some palpation will be done to look for restrictions in your spine or area of complaint and finally any x-rays that need to be taken to complete the information gathering.

Then the doctor will answer any final questions you may have before your visit is concluded. Most of the time it takes less than an hour to complete your first visit.

Your Second Visit

On your second visit Dr. Kunz will go over in detail all of the tests that were performed and explain any x-rays that were taken. He will talk about a possible care plan if chiropractic care is necessary. After Dr. Kunz answers any questions you may have you will be ready to start your care plan. Most of the time this visit is around 15 minutes.

A Typical Office Visit

On a typical office visit the doctor will check for changes since your last visit and if needed a chiropractic adjustment will be done. No matter how busy the doctor is there will always be enough time to ask any health questions you may have and give the doctor feedback on how your care plan is going. This visit is usually 5-10 minutes.

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