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What's in the Box?

what's in the boxI will go a long way to make sure that if I have a surprise for someone they will not find out. I just love surprises whether they are for me or that I can give out. One surprise I used to do when I coached high school volleyball is the movie night. I would bring all the items for a movie night to practice in a suitcase and then when the time was right one of the players would open it. It was always a magical surprise.

The interesting thing is the surprise or what’s in the box for each of us is different when it comes to our chiropractic care. Each one of us is different in our needs or what stress has created dysfunction inside of us. So, when we receive chiropractic care the great thing is the outcome in terms of symptoms is different for all of us.

For some of us, it is lower back pain or possibly headaches. Sometimes it can be sciatica pain or most commonly the annoying neck pain that runs down your arm or back keeping you from sleeping. Even further it can be dysfunction like stomach issues or immune trouble. All these examples you could imagine them written like a package tag on the outside of the box.

One of the enjoyable parts of being a Chiropractor is the diverse nature of the care I can provide. Basically, if the issues written on the outside of your box are related to dysfunction in the nervous system caused by many different stresses Chiropractic has a chance to be the gift you receive in the box. Sometimes it can come as a surprise where you came in for neck pain but have enjoyed a greater immune response. Maybe you weren’t sure if the care would work out in your favor, but magically it did! All these outcomes have become normal to our practice, and it brings so much joy for the both of us.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday season and each one of you is blessed in ways that improve your life.


This month’s recipient of our giving back campaign is Open Door Mission which is a favorite of Jim R.

During the month of December, all new patients will receive a full exam and any x-rays needed for $55. All the proceeds will be donated to The Open Door Mission. Please help spread the word so we can raise as much as possible.

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